Church Records and Geneology


BURIALS  1831-1920

*Introduction to the cemetery records

*This document explains how the graves are numbered in the below document (enables people to locate the grave in the cemetery, should they choose to visit the burial site – Leanne ( Kimmel) Toth


Index of our cemetery, sorted alphabetically


Index of burials 1831-1920, sorted chronologically

(Important to note: burial may not necessarily be interred in our cemetery; these would be records of the burials that our pastor at the time presided over – could be buried somewhere else, or folks could be buried in our cemetery that had a different pastor preside over the burial and it may not be recorded in our burials. These situations are more the exception rather than the rule, FYI)



**A very special thanks to Leanne (Kimmel) Toth for compiling these records for St John’s United Church of Christ, Orwigsburg, PA